September 6, 2018

Thrive Global

“I would like to start a movement to help women keep their businesses while they are battling cancer” With Karen Patmas


A movement that I would feel strongly about is a program for supporting other business women with breast cancer. Statistically, survival rates for breast cancer are good when it is detected early. I don’t think people realize how devastating it is to a woman though. There are a lot of breast cancer charities but where is the support for women who own a business? So a woman who get breast cancer is going to go through treatment or surgery or both and then lose the business that she worked so hard at to build? There should be programs to help women keep their business while they are battling cancer. They survive, but then lose what they have worked so hard to build up. I was lucky and able to continue my business while I was healing. This was not easy but it was important to me. I was able to do a lot and there is so much that can be down remotely as an agent. Lots of email, and setting up conference calls and working with my directors and producers to work on package movie deals. Not that in-person networking is not important, but in this day and age and LA traffic — people are in different areas and conference calls are much easier on a person’s day compared to hours in traffic. However, it made me think about all the businesswomen out there that have had or have a cancer diagnosis. Some are not as fortunate as to have the ability to work remotely. Why should they lose their business? They battle something that only other cancer survivors can understand, and come out of it with losing something that they built. As a women, it is significant in this day and age to own your own business and drive it to the top. Which is my plan for my agency. I don’t consider my agency boutique. The word boutique sounds soft to me. So yes I keep my roster to a size that is manageable and give personalized attention but I am a full service agency and growing I like the terms “elite and powerful”, which is where I plan to be. The power is in the core values and teams I develop from within. The power comes from “lifting others up”.


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