Published Authors

National Talent LA is proud to present some amazing published authors!

Brian Hanford

Brian Hanford Actor | Writer | Host In A Nutshell Brian Hanford was born in San Francisco, California then moved to Birmingham (England) where he received his Master’s Degr…
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Roxanne St. Claire

Looking for the formal bio? Head over to the media kit for awards, credits, and all manner of impressive info. Here’s the big stuff in a nutshell: I’ve written more than fifty books for many diffe…
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Miranda Spigener-Sapon

Miranda Spigener-Sapon – Executive Producer – Miranda is an award-winning writer who recently directed the 20th Anniversary return to the stage of her play The Flame at Metropolis in Santa Moni…
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Mark Roling

Mark F. Roling transplanted to Hollywood early in his career when he optioned his firs screenplay, “Internal Affairs”.
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William Maltese

I’ve been in the business of writing books for a very long time, and I derive particular enjoyment from visiting different places and then trying to relay the “essence” of those plac…
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Gunter Swoboda

Gunter is a psychologist, mentor, and motivational speaker. He works with men of all ages, teaching, encouraging, and inspiring them to be the best they can by individually, within their relationships…
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