Kristy Cooper

Excite to announce that National Talent LA is bringing on board a very talented Emmy award winning producer, Kristy Cooper!

Kristy Cooper is a six-time-Emmy-award winning television producer. Cooper has been awarded an Emmy(s) at every network she has worked for. She began her media career in domestic news at CNN. She later joined ESPN’s SportsCenter team before returning to CNN to produce for the Special Projects unit. This position was followed by a decade long contract with the Department of Defense working alongside U.S. military journalists producing live news, commercials, promos, public service announcements, trailers, managing creative services and contributing to the development of original programs.

She was also the Director of Marketing and coordinating producer for Towne Group, a strategic communications company, with clients ranging from nonprofits to U.S. executive departments. Afterwards, Cooper helped run a PBS station as the Director of Original Television Production where she was showrunner on 11 series and specials. Currently, she’s the president of Team Cooper Entertainment LLC, a production company focusing on television show development and influencer management.