July 10, 2019

Josh Hodgins

Josh Hodgins

In 2005, Josh created the show “Jackson Horn.” Jackson would go on to air on Fox Affiliates all around the Country. The series, loosely based on Hodgins life, won several awards including “Best Small Screen Project” from ON Magazine. The show culminated with a two hour finale written by Hodgins and directed by Hodgins and Kevin J. Foxe (The Blair Witch Project.).

In 2015, Josh produced and directed “The Sparrows” with Nancy Criss. The movie won Josh multiple “Best Director” nods including “Best Director: Great Lakes Christian Film Festival” and “Best Director: Gwinnett Center International Film Festival.”

Hodgins continues to passionately pursue his dreams of story telling. With his production company Jh Productions LLC having successfully produced over 25 films and television shows, those dreams have definitely become a reality.