January 23, 2020

David Buglione – Welcome

A native New Yorker, David started acting and practicing martial arts when he was only 5 years old. He studied Kenpo for many years and received his black belt at the age of 16. As a young actor, David appeared in many commercials and TV shows. He also began training for full contact kick-boxing and turned pro at 18. He eventually became the youngest member of the W.A.K.O. full contact USA Kickboxing Team. After several years of fighting at the professional level, his hard work paid off and he became the U.S.K.B.A. World Welterweight Kickboxing Champion.

David has appeared in many prominent TV series and films, working with some of the biggest names in the business. He recently wrapped Season 3 of Marvel’s DAREDEVIL, playing FBI Agent Johnson, which allowed him to draw on his extensive action background. He is looking forward to switching gears and playing John Mitchell, the romantic lead in the film 116 MacDougal, which will begin production in 2019.